About Us

Caldecacre Dalmatians got their kennel name by combining my sons' names Callum and Declan. We have owned and bred Dalmatians for over 20 years and they are a fundamental part of life here, I couldn't imagine life without them.

A little history.

Living with Dalmatians is never dull, they make you laugh every day and are almost like little people.

I fell in love with Dalmatians many years ago and have dedicated a lot to the breed in many ways.

Caldecacre Dalmatians have enjoyed many different talents over the decades, including Showing, Flyball, CaniX, Agility, Carriage Dog Trials and of course all this on top of being fantastic family pets.

Bred for type and temperament and of course health screen too.

We are proud to have bred the foundations for several other peoples' lines and have bred dogs living all over the World.

My Norwegian Brownies.

In 2007, after months of research into the Scandinavian lines, I decided I wanted a male puppy from World reknowned Kennel Perdita's in Norway. I had amired this kennel for many years and dreamed of owning my very own Perdita's dog one day. I also wanted one sired by my most favourite Stud dog ever, Int Ch Dalmings Hocus Pocus. Not too much to ask because as luck would have it Kari Ditlefsen (Perdita's) was planning just this! It wasn't easy and I needed to convince her that sending one of her precious puppies all the way to the UK, with the strict Rabies laws meaning she would keep the puppy until he was 10 months old. Thank goodness she agreed, and over came my first Norwegian Brownie - Perdita's Right as Rain at Caldecacre, my soulmate Blinken!

Not the type the UK was used to seeing, he got a mixed response but everyone who has taken the time out to meet him in person instantly falls in love with him. He has done a lot of good work for my lines, and he has also fixed type for me along with his cousin Perdita's Another Chance for Caldecacre, Selma, who came across from Norway shortly after Blinken. I owe a lot to these two dogs in particular and in turn to Kari for entrusting them to me.

Slowly but surely more influence from Kennel Perdita's is filtering into the UK, and at most shows now many of the winners have Perdita's in their pedigrees.

They are certainly behind every youngster I now own and breed.


Caldecacre becomes Perdita's


In 2014, Kari approached me with something I can only describe as a great honour, immense compliment, and responsibility. She asked me if I would consider taking over her legacy, her lifetime of work with Dalmatians, would I continue Kennel Perdita's in her retirement. I was overwhelmed with pride and whilst it was very sad to realise that I would breed no more puppies with my Caldecacre affix, it was also a new chapter for me and an exciting one too. So although the dogs here are the same ones as before, from now on instead of being prefixed with Caldecacre they are now prefixed with Perdita's. Thank you Kari for having the confidence in me to continue to breed dogs fit for function of correct type.